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Hello all! I bought a hat.

2011-09-04 20:42:15 by Funkyfists


I recently started studying a bachelor of games design in brisbane, australia. I haven't been uploading songs recently because every time i get close to finishing one, i feel like starting a new one. This results in there being close to 12 almost complete songs sitting in my 'New' folder XD

I'll have to go back through and place the finishing touches on these, and when i do, i'll be uploading a bunch over a short period of time.

Take care and remember: You're unique... Just like everyone else ;)

Hey everyone,

I've posted a trailer for my survival horror game on Youtube

:: <a> Jsa_Cxg<a>

Let me know what you think.
The first chapter of the game should be released on the 10th of march.


P.S. Check out my site too.... if u want...


I just finished my last exam. I'm now back on the airwaves... cables... whatever. Anyway, i have a couple of songs that are on their way with some neat new sounds and cool melodies.

I'll be updating my website as well so check it out!
My Site

Hope i'll be getting some of your reviews soon :P


6 Week Leave!!! Sorry!

2009-09-22 04:44:17 by Funkyfists


I am leaving Newgrounds and the general internet community for 5.5 weeks due to my final examinations taking place. My computer is being placed aside to increase my level of study for these. I hope you can all forgive me!

I look forward to seeing you all on the other side, with many more music pieces!

See ya ;P


Hey everyone!

I am really upset! I don't have any friends on MySpace! Have a MySpace account? No? Then create one just so you can add me! lol. No, but you should just check me out! (you even get to see a pic of the real me :) Funkyfists account!

I've also updated my site and got everything working =)
If you haven't already, take a quick look at the development of my site! It's awsome :P
Still deciding on a good time to periodically log onto chat. But in the meantime just leave your messages!

Funkyfists Site


Woo! Everybody!!! Funkyfists says...

2009-09-17 02:27:04 by Funkyfists


So, i got in the top 30 again this week!! First: 'Neon Filter', then 'Neon Floatation' and now 'Here come the Planes'! Thanks everyone who has supported me :P

I've two new songs coming soon thought i'd tell you guys (and girls :P) about... One is a deep ambiant song. i'm still toying with the name but i think 'To the Temple' fits quite nicely. It has some melodies which sound so.... i dunno sound so warm.

The other is a quick synthy song which i started a long time ago. I have returned to it and edited most of the instruments and the overall progression of the song. I'm sure you'll all enjoy them :)

Also; i'm looking for anyone who would like to help me in developing lyrics for 'Here come the Planes' as i've had a number of requests for lyrics to be added. If ur interested in helping collab or anything i have a topic in the music forum!!!

One more thing; I know i need to fix the song links on my site; Here, but everything else works fine! Check out the awsome design if you like :P I'm going to organise a every second day where people can come to my site and chat about music and.... well anything really... life, the technology spike, games... yeah! Stay tuned!

-=| Funkyfists |=-

Follow Me!!! New Website!!

2009-09-10 10:23:27 by Funkyfists

Hello everyone!!!

I thought it was about time i created my own website! I think its pretty cool already, check it out and let me know. I'll be adding new things all the time!

Here it is :: My Webpage

Enjoy! Leave a comment in the chat if you like :)

-=| Funkyfists |=-


My new song Free Runner inspired me to create an animation to go with it. I'm working on it and will probably post it in a little while on youtube. I'll let you guys know when it's done...

Heh i know people don't really look at userpages, but i still feel like someone out there will care :)

Thanks! Big thankyou to those who helped me get top 30 with my Neon Floatation song! Cheers!

-=| Funkyfists |=-

Now if you don't know, many lives were changed between about 5:20 am to.... well..... they're still here at 8:30 am Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4.

There were very nude willies on the front page of newgrounds, and the entire art portal was cleared. All users who had submitted art were suddenly unscouted. It became apparent that Egoraptors account had been hacked and was being used to violate the Newgrounds happy community. The vulgar pictures featured on the front page horrified all who viewed them. Histeria in the forums ensued as speculations on the implications, reasons, culprits and the last thing we should do before we all die streamed in from any who were online to witness this event.

Right now we're all wondering when it will end. Many potential new users were sickened and turned away this night. We should all take something away from this... Make your passwords more imaginative than "password".

Good night Newgrounds.

-=| District 9 thoughts |=-

2009-09-05 11:44:13 by Funkyfists


Just watched District 9. If you've seen this movive then you'll already know how epic the perfect blent of story and action it has. For example;

Transformers 2

District 9

Now while i love action as much as the next prawn, Transformers seemed about as flimsy as wet tissue paper when i look back on it. It was like watching a comercial for extreme battling robots with extreme flipping action, complete with one legged camera man.

District 9 had me actually feeling for the characters. Their emotions are thrust upon you. This, coupled with some guy getting plumbed by a pig carcass had my eyes glazing over from lack of moisture. This movie hooked me. It had everything we love about movies while also being completley fresh AND teaching us an important moral lesson. After watching this, we're sure going to be a hell of a lot nicer to any visiting bunch of extra-terrestrials.

These were just a few of my thoughts, what did YOU think? And if you haven't seen it, why are you still sitting here? Go watch it!!!

If you liked this "review" let me know, i might do another...

-=| Funkyfists |=-