Willies ON THE FRONT PAGE! - Report 1

2009-09-06 08:46:05 by Funkyfists

Now if you don't know, many lives were changed between about 5:20 am to.... well..... they're still here at 8:30 am Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4.

There were very nude willies on the front page of newgrounds, and the entire art portal was cleared. All users who had submitted art were suddenly unscouted. It became apparent that Egoraptors account had been hacked and was being used to violate the Newgrounds happy community. The vulgar pictures featured on the front page horrified all who viewed them. Histeria in the forums ensued as speculations on the implications, reasons, culprits and the last thing we should do before we all die streamed in from any who were online to witness this event.

Right now we're all wondering when it will end. Many potential new users were sickened and turned away this night. We should all take something away from this... Make your passwords more imaginative than "password".

Good night Newgrounds.


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2009-09-06 09:13:10

May this never happen again.


2009-09-06 10:17:43

Why is it never straight or lesbian porn with these guys? They dont know what fun is.


2009-09-07 09:42:06

hay dude... im the one who rated alot of your songs... i like you could you pm me evrytime you make a new song...pleeeeaaaaase kkbye

Funkyfists responds:

Sure! Thanks for your support!


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