Woo! Everybody!!! Funkyfists says...

2009-09-17 02:27:04 by Funkyfists


So, i got in the top 30 again this week!! First: 'Neon Filter', then 'Neon Floatation' and now 'Here come the Planes'! Thanks everyone who has supported me :P

I've two new songs coming soon thought i'd tell you guys (and girls :P) about... One is a deep ambiant song. i'm still toying with the name but i think 'To the Temple' fits quite nicely. It has some melodies which sound so.... i dunno sound so warm.

The other is a quick synthy song which i started a long time ago. I have returned to it and edited most of the instruments and the overall progression of the song. I'm sure you'll all enjoy them :)

Also; i'm looking for anyone who would like to help me in developing lyrics for 'Here come the Planes' as i've had a number of requests for lyrics to be added. If ur interested in helping collab or anything i have a topic in the music forum!!!

One more thing; I know i need to fix the song links on my site; Here, but everything else works fine! Check out the awsome design if you like :P I'm going to organise a every second day where people can come to my site and chat about music and.... well anything really... life, the technology spike, games... yeah! Stay tuned!

-=| Funkyfists |=-


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2009-09-17 14:48:59

hey, did u read my obnoxious posts on ur website chat?

(Updated ) Funkyfists responds:

yer lol cheers. Just released the 'To the Temple' song if you wanna check it out..


2009-09-18 15:42:00

Yes, i will do that right now.
(w00, funkyfists actually responds!)

Funkyfists responds:

hahaha. lol of course i do. I always like it when i get comments :P